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Agriculture Industry

Agri Technology Wave

Explore the new wave of technology trends that agriculture business leaders need to act on in the next three to five years to become more agile and efficient digital enterprises. Phoebuz is helping agriculture business in automatic water pump controller by hosting the entire enterprise application on cloud and supporting iOS and Android smartphone apps.

Rising demand puts pressure on Agriculture business to increase productivity and operational efficiency across the value chain, while managing risk. Phoebuz is at the intersection of business and technology, empowering producers to grow and shape operating models to cultivate high performance. Technology offers tremendous potential to help agriculture businesses keep up with the growing demand for agricultural products—the need to feed, fuel and fortify 9.6 billion people around the world by 2050. The latest technology can have major impact across the agriculture value chain. Maximize its use to more profitably compete, improve margins, better manage producer relationships and serve your customers.

One Database:

If an agnostic, secure agribusiness industry database were developed and maintained by an objective data manager, it would deliver rewards across the value chain. Producers, inputs companies, processors and equipment manufacturers could use collective data and insights to make better business decisions because you have a holistic view across all players in the process. Then imagine how you can increase speed and accuracy when you flow this Agriculture industry data through your company’s data supply chain.

To be effective, all agriculture businesses would need a seat at the decision-making table, and would need to agree to contribute data. An unbiased third party could serve as steward of the database, so that all players could access objective insights with confidence.

Such a database connects to technology trends that will affect agriculture business in the next three to five years:

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