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Application Services

Business Transformation

Mobility Enterprise transformation helps organisations to fundamentally shift their strategy in response to major disruptions through a complete, business-driven remodelling of how a company structures itself—and goes to market—to lower costs, improve performance and drive new levels of growth. Applications are integral to how companies define, enable and run their business. Phoebuz can help you design, build, test and manage your applications to be competitive in a high-velocity, software-driven world.

Applications have always been the richest source of business value to organizations. With advances in enabling technology — especially cloud and mobility — applications hold even greater potential for delivering additional value. We can help you transform individual applications — or your entire portfolio — to take full business advantage of these advances with Phoebuz Application Services. Mobile apps are like valets, expected to serve people whenever and wherever they are, on whatever device they have.

They represent the future of how enterprises interact with customers, employees, partners and machines, as we increasingly access the Internet and control our world from the palms of our hands. From a technology perspective, the mobiles are redefining how applications are created, distributed and consumed. It is upending the traditional client-server, browser-centric web model and breaking up monolithic applications. From a business perspective, it is creating a robust apps economy that did not exist five years ago. We are just seeing the beginning of the value that this revolution is ushering in as our enterprises continue to embrace the consumerization of IT.

Phoebuz uses various models like Rational Unified Process (RUD), Agile methodology and other successful models to transform individual or enterprise application to the next generation applications.

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