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Cloud Solutions

Phoebuz helps clients with the journey to the cloud

Phoebuz rationalizes, modernizes and transforms applications to a mobile, secure, as-a-Service cloud-based operating model for customers. Our expertise in a range of industries allows us to create optimized portfolios which our clients can consume in a manner that gives them greater flexibility, faster time to market, improved cost control and margins, and heightened security.

It is time to look at your organization holistically, and create a game plan for using cloud computing to your advantage. Why? Cloud underpins mobility, analytics and social media, for starters. Phoebuz can help your organization to map its digital future in the cloud. Software as a service (SaaS) solutions help solve business and IT challenges while delivering tangible business results—speed to value, lower total cost of ownership, increased user adoption and greater employee productivity.

The hype around cloud services can make it difficult to know where to start and to understand the real benefits they deliver. Determining the value of cloud computing to your organization and how to realize this value is at the heart of creating a cloud strategy. Phoebuz has worked with multiple clients to create a cloud strategy and map the journey ahead. We can provide clarity on how you can start the process and become a cloud-enabled organization. Many enterprises struggle to cope with new and disruptive technology trends, changing market expectations and competition from younger, more agile organizations.

To counter the threat of more agile competition companies need to change applications that are core to the business. However the complexity and costly nature of most applications environments inhibit the level of change required.

The biggest risk that organizations saddled with legacy applications face is the loss of customers, market share, and leadership positions to disruptive upstarts that are more agile. Legacy applications are brittle to change, costly to operate, and unable to add mobility or other new functionality required by the business. And the scope of the situation is immense.

Change is needed to harness the agility found in the cloud:

Organizations need to rationalize, modernize and transform their portfolios, and select the optimum private, public, or hybrid cloud environments to run their modernized applications as business conditions change.

Eventually, organizations can move a significant percentage of their applications to the cloud, build new applications expressly for the cloud, and implement continuous delivery and cloud-based IT operating models that are far more agile and efficient than previously thought possible.

Many new applications will be deployed across several clouds. Phoebuz scores and evaluates the best target cloud environment (private, public, or hybrid) for given applications, and provides clients with an infrastructure independent and cloud portable solution to manage and govern applications.

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