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Finance and Accounting Services


Streamline your workflow by outsourcing bookkeeping to Phoebuz, your Country's back office solution provider. Access qualified bookkeepers and chartered accountants for a fraction of the cost. We work with your accounting software to deliver standardized bookkeeping.

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Accounting Services

Our Finance & Accounts (F&A) services are geared to help our clients meet their financial objectives on time and get measurable returns. Established processes and good communication methodology would surprise you as if we were present next door.

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Tax Preparation and Returns

Phoebuz staff has experience in both individual/partnership tax preparation services and business tax preparation services. We will examine your balance sheets, interpret and classify each item on it. We will also classify and interpret P/L items, and interpret the taxability and treatment of various accounts.

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SMSF – Accounting and Auditing

From SMSF set up, administration, audit to fund wrap up, Phoebuz’s dedicated team of SMSF specialists provide quality SMSF administration and compliance solutions for thousands of SMSFs across Australia. We also deliver back office SMSF audit services to leading SMSF audit practices.

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Our Flexible Pricing Model allows you to hire our services when there is a need and absolutely no overheads associated with employing our virtual service. Our best-in-class Finance & Accounting outsourcing services offer following Advantages to our clients:

  • Process efficiency to ensure enhanced end-stakeholder experience
  • Better visibility and tighter financial control
  • Positive impact of streamlined cash flow
  • Best-in-class processes and technology competence to deliver high quality results
  • Our presence of skilled financial experts and accountants at your disposal on working hours
  • Communication over Skype for better clarification on Jobs
  • Timely delivery at cost-effective rates
  • Complete security of your critical financial data
  • Compliance to industry-standard accounting principles and regulations
  • Customizable accounting solutions designed to fit specific client's needs

Data Security & Confidentiality: Phoebuz understand the importance of maintaining the confidentiality and security of our client's data. We have physical, administrative and technical safeguards in place to ensure data security and confidentiality.

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  Financial and Accounting Free Trial Offer
Financial and Accounting Free Trial Offer

We provide you a FREE TRIAL on each type of jobs. To know more, Just provide us your preliminary information and requirement. Our executive will get in touch with you asap.

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