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Next Generation Apps for the As-A-Service Market


Next Generation Apps

As A Service Market

Phoebuz is here to help you on your journey toward a service-enabled enterprise. The services we offer will help you respond faster in a rapidly changing environment. As we help you migrate your existing workloads, modernize applications and adopt new development and management practices, your company will realize all the benefits that operating in the as-a-Service market can offer.

Applications play a central role in every business, so any change to the way they are developed, distributed or consumed can have a major impact. While IT trends such as cloud, mobility and big data are driving change in applications, other pressures are helping create changes to applications as well.

Companies are constantly under pressure to innovate. Customer habits have been altered by smart mobile devices, and their taste for engaging applications is becoming more discriminating. Business processes today are driven almost exclusively by applications, which means that getting applications right, and getting them out first, is an imperative.

As a result, everything we know about creating and maintaining applications is changing in the as-a-Service market. Following the same software development process you've used for 30 years won't help you match the demands of today's short cycle times or user expectations — no matter how often you try.

New-generation applications require coordination between application modernization and IT transformation initiatives. They require careful implementation and integration of cloud, mobility and data analytics. And they need more levels of automation, transparency and policy-driven security. Applications need to be built with agile development methods to enable dynamic and open integration points.

To make sure your business benefits, consider these items:

Get it right and you'll unlock astounding new value — open new channels and gain customers, find new business ideas and opportunities, gain radical efficiencies and more. Get it wrong and ... well, don't get it wrong.

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